Saturday, December 29, 2012

Meet my muse, "Challenge."

Quite frankly my muse is named "Challenge" and he wears many different faces. Mostly, whatever current hot actor I find yummy at the moment. Pretty men with amazing hair is what usually gets the juices flowing. I know I'm in the minority here, most women fantasize about the buff, dangerous Vin Diesel types. Don't get me wrong, there's a seriously special place in my heart for Wolverine, but mostly I'm watching the elf in LOTR thinking, "Holy hot damn!" I know, I know....not everyone's cup o' tea but what can I say? As long as it inspires me to write yummy hotness for you all, you can picture anyone you want. But I digress...this was about "Challenge."

Lay down a challenge and suddenly my mind is racing. Tell me to write a story about a piece of chocolate and I'm salivating with the possibilities. Demons, anthropologists, goddesses, vamps, werewolves...a whole world created in my head because someone said, "Here's a piece of chocolate, now go write about it." Or tell me, "Here's a word I never EVER want to see in a book..." and I'm thinking, "Damn, I could totally make that word work AND make it funny," and suddenly *poof*...Wolfwitch was born.

The latest challenge has been laid down. I don't want to ruin the surprise and tell you what it is yet, but it DID make me think of a real person I know. A woman who took in my husband during his challenging teenage years when no one else would. Gave him a home, a family...She's an honest to God Santeria priestess even. This woman DESERVES some yummy hotness! No, it's not going to be her biography...but it IS going to be inspired by some of her very interesting life stories!

But first, I must finish what I started. Some books NEED a sequel and these characters are screaming in my head to finish their damn stories already!!! Easy peasy right?

Challenge accepted.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What type of heroine do you like?

Soooo...Gynger Fyer brought up a point in her blog that got me to thinking. Basically, doesn't everyone deserve a happily ever after, no matter what they look like? Big, small, thin, fat, black, white etc...don't we all want to see a couple make it through and make it work against all odds? Limiting ourselves to one specific type of heroine really limits the amount of amazing books we read! And I for one don't think there are ENOUGH books in the whole world for me to limit myself to just one specific type of heroine! I'd have to read nothing but Scottish highland romances if I wanted the heroine to resemble me. (Think of the animated movie Brave...if she were like 10 sizes bigger you'd have me) Not that I don't love a good Scottish highland novel but...yeah, not gonna limit myself like that! There's too much good stuff to be read!

However, I do know that some women read to imagine a perfect life, or a perfect fantasy. To escape reality. They want a hero that looks like wolverine and a heroine with a kick ass body like cat woman. They simply don't want "real". That's fine. They're plenty of books out there for them. I just hope they don't ruin a really good book with a bad review simply because they don't like how the characters are described.

I've said this before. When I read a book, I frequently ignore what the characters look like anyway. I'm going to picture that heroine as me and have myself one awesome adventure! I suppose that's why I'm consciously vague in my own writings about what the heroine looks like. I just assume everyone's picturing themselves anyway! Why make it hard for them?

So tell me, I'd really like to know. What type of heroine do you prefer to read? One that looks just like you? Or one that looks just like what you WISH you looked like? Don't be ashamed, we all want to be happy with our bodies but most of us have a secret longing to look like cat woman in a tight leather outfit! hehe (No, it can't just be me!) Do you not care at all? Big and beautiful, small and's all good for you? Or are you just like me where, low and behold, thanks to your imagination, every heroine, in EVERY book, looks astonishingly JUST LIKE YOU! (Let me tell you, I've been on some AMAZING adventures!)

If you want to see the blog that inspired my ramblings, check it out here:
There is a lid for every pot

Oh, and keep an eye out...I'm going to be reviewing one of Gynger's books soon! I've been naughty and neglecting my author reviews...if we love something we need to get out there and tell people why!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

BTP Scavenger Hunt!

Thanks for showing up and playing the game! I assume you're here because you love to read...or you're like my hubby and super competitive. You just can't imagine there being a contest you're not winning! hehehe
Either way, Welcome to my Blog! I'm so glad you could join us!

Now let's get right to it, before those pesky Mayan's show up! It's simple really, just figure out the answer to the riddle then hop, skip, or jump on over to the other listed BTP authors to figure out theirs! Enjoy!

Here's your riddle:
My first is in apple but isn't in pear
My second is in looking but not in a stare
My third is in picking but not in a choice
My last is in shouting but isn't in voice
You use me for kissing, but what am I?

You've come so far and yet have more to go. Click on the BTP author's names to collect more riddle answers. Once you have all 11 answers collected email Three lucky winners will be chosen at random to receive a $10 BTP gift certificate. Contest closes at 12am 12/22/12.

List of authors: or 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Do you like Demons? Vampires? Chocolate??? Of course you do! Check out The Trouble with Chocolate coming soon from Beautiful Trouble Publishing.

Giselle’s life has been dedicated to the anthropologic study of werewolves. Although it’s a fascinating job—very frequently crossing the line into vampire life as well—she still secretly longs for something bigger and better. Her goal: To be immortalized in scientific journals everywhere for the discovery of other supernatural beings. The only problem is, they just don’t seem to want to be discovered. And for Giselle, time is running out. She’s spent so much time in pursuit of her dreams that she’s neglected to live her life, and it may have been all for nothing. That is, until one very special demon is dropped in her lap because of a meddling candy shop owner.

Mikael is a demon of deals. You want to win the lottery? Be king of your own country? He’s your guy. That is, as long as you don’t mind losing your soul in the process. For millennia he has done his job and done it well. But even demon’s need help occasionally, and Mikael receives it from the most unlikely source imaginable: A woman who sells tasty chocolate treats and has an agenda of her own.

Can a demon and an anthropologist find salvation in the arms of one another? Or will their passion be the destruction of both their souls?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When the muse takes a vacation...

So when your muse takes a vacation, and the words just won't come, what do you do? I find myself in this very predicament without a clue how to dig myself out of this hole. My muse didn't leave a number, a forwarding address, a goodbye...nothing. I also can't seem to find a "muse agency" to hire a new one and no one seems to be lending them out either. So what's a frustrated writer to do?

I admit, I may have wallowed in a bit of self-pity for awhile. But then I realized...if my muse won't come to me, maybe I can do a little inspiring of my own. (Imagine my evil grin for just a moment...)

First, I think we can start with a little eye mean "inspiring pictures". You know, something to get the juices's what "inspires" me:
 Ah hunky, hot, emo, hunter-of-all-things-evil, Sam Winchester from my favorite tv show Supernatural. And if that doesn't do it...
Those eyes...just...*sigh*...I mean...THOSE EYES!! A little bit good and a whole lot of bad! Damon Salvator (vampire diaries) is one vampire who could take a bite out of me any day! I's EXACTLY what I mean!!!

Since I like to write paranormal/fantasy I think that next I should set the mood...let's go with something a little spooky:
That should do it.
Now a little inspiration from some kick-ass heroines...

 Since I'm a Lord of the Rings geek...I mean fan...I have to include Eowyn. "I am no man". Wow. It gives me chills every time I see it.
And let's not forget...
Let's face it...who didn't want to be Catwoman?

Next a little hero hunkiness...
I don't know about you, but Wolverine is my all time favorite, misunderstood hero!

A dash of scary...
And just a little bit of humor...
And I think we may have just about covered everything I need to write my paranormal romance!!!!!
I think I may be inspired, how 'bout you?

Monday, May 14, 2012

If a butterfly flapped its wings...

(See original post at or click the link: "If a butterfly flapped its wings..." by Shirelle ... )

Have you heard of the butterfly effect? If a butterfly flaps its wings over here, will it cause some weather catastrophe or prevent one somewhere else? Can something so insignificant really have such a profound effect? I think so. At least in my life it’s happened. A little “butterfly” is why I chose to try my hand at writing novels.

I never used to read romance books. GASP! I know, right? But it’s true, I didn’t. My mother read them, and so, by default, they just weren’t cool. (Sorry mom!)

I used to read dark thrillers, or horror. Dean Koontz was my favorite author and I’ve read every vampire book Anne Rice ever wrote. Those were the kind of books I liked. Romance was just pretty, and flowery, and frivolous.

Then one day, my little butterfly said to me: “You like vampires, right?” Duh. Who doesn’t like a good vampire story?

Anyway, she loaned me the first book in The Circle Trilogy, by Nora Roberts. She did NOT tell me it was a romance book, and I did NOT know who Nora Roberts was. (Yes. Apparently I DO live under a rock!) I was halfway through the book before I realized what my sneaky friend had given me, and I was hooked!

After I read those, I read more. I read at least half of that author’s books before I started reading others. Now I can’t live without romance. Who knew my mother was right?

But inevitably it happened. I read two separate books, by two different authors, that disappointed me. OBVIOUSLY the heroine in these novels had chosen the wrong man! The stories may have had a happy ending but I was not happy! If I had written those books, I would have ended them properly. Can you see where I’m going with this?

It took me some time to work up the courage, and even longer to finally finish my little project, but eventually I wrote the story I wanted to read.

My dear friend with the butterfly wings passed away a few years ago. She is sorely missed and this story is for her. I think she would like it.

Find her book here:


Monday, October 17, 2011

Windows by Billy London

What I look for in a good romance novel, whether it’s a super spicy-hot erotica or a sweet and tame “vanilla,” is the chemistry between the characters. I want a good story, don’t get me wrong, but what many novels seem to lack are believable heros and heroines. Frequently, I’m left wondering why they even love each other? The story may have been enjoyable, but where’s the chemistry? I want a heroine I can either identify with or want to be and a hero I can fall in love with.

I’m happy to say that this story, Windows by Billy London, delivered everything I look for and then some. The heroine was a strong willed woman, the kind of woman I would like to be, but throughout the story you could see her vulnerability shine through. It didn’t make her less of a woman, by any means, but it did make her seem real. She’s a woman with hopes and dreams, doubts and fears, almost as if she wears a mask of toughness to hide her soft gooey center and we, as the reader, get to see her mask chipped away at until she finally allows the man of her dreams to enter her heart. 

When she found out what Nick really did for a living she was understandably scared and worried, wondering if they could ever make it work between them, but who wouldn’t react this way? I didn’t find this in the least off-putting, in fact, I found it a very real emotional response. Throughout the story we watched her work through her fear and find a way to make the love work.

As for the hero, I almost have to say the same for him. He’s an alpha male, no doubt about that, but there’s a soft spot in his heart that adores Gina with every fiber of his being. He loves her the way every woman wants to be loved. Maybe he comes across a little brash and bold in the beginning, even dominating and irritating, but you soon realize that this is only because he has found a woman he can’t live without, can’t even breathe without, and is trying to find a way to crack through the barrier that surrounds her heart. 

This story was a wonderful adventure, complete with twists you never see coming (I LOVE when an author actually manages to surprise me!) and secondary characters just as interesting as the primary ones. Characters whose stories I can’t WAIT to read! Thank you Billy London for writing characters I believed in and chemistry I could feel in every page. Thank you for a heroine I could stand behind and a hero I could fall in love with. I would highly recommend this book to anyone!
If you read the book I’d love if you could leave a comment about your favorite part, or even just a comment saying exactly what it is that YOU look for in a romance!

Find Windows by Billy London here: