Monday, October 17, 2011

Windows by Billy London

What I look for in a good romance novel, whether it’s a super spicy-hot erotica or a sweet and tame “vanilla,” is the chemistry between the characters. I want a good story, don’t get me wrong, but what many novels seem to lack are believable heros and heroines. Frequently, I’m left wondering why they even love each other? The story may have been enjoyable, but where’s the chemistry? I want a heroine I can either identify with or want to be and a hero I can fall in love with.

I’m happy to say that this story, Windows by Billy London, delivered everything I look for and then some. The heroine was a strong willed woman, the kind of woman I would like to be, but throughout the story you could see her vulnerability shine through. It didn’t make her less of a woman, by any means, but it did make her seem real. She’s a woman with hopes and dreams, doubts and fears, almost as if she wears a mask of toughness to hide her soft gooey center and we, as the reader, get to see her mask chipped away at until she finally allows the man of her dreams to enter her heart. 

When she found out what Nick really did for a living she was understandably scared and worried, wondering if they could ever make it work between them, but who wouldn’t react this way? I didn’t find this in the least off-putting, in fact, I found it a very real emotional response. Throughout the story we watched her work through her fear and find a way to make the love work.

As for the hero, I almost have to say the same for him. He’s an alpha male, no doubt about that, but there’s a soft spot in his heart that adores Gina with every fiber of his being. He loves her the way every woman wants to be loved. Maybe he comes across a little brash and bold in the beginning, even dominating and irritating, but you soon realize that this is only because he has found a woman he can’t live without, can’t even breathe without, and is trying to find a way to crack through the barrier that surrounds her heart. 

This story was a wonderful adventure, complete with twists you never see coming (I LOVE when an author actually manages to surprise me!) and secondary characters just as interesting as the primary ones. Characters whose stories I can’t WAIT to read! Thank you Billy London for writing characters I believed in and chemistry I could feel in every page. Thank you for a heroine I could stand behind and a hero I could fall in love with. I would highly recommend this book to anyone!
If you read the book I’d love if you could leave a comment about your favorite part, or even just a comment saying exactly what it is that YOU look for in a romance!

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  1. I read the book as well and felt about it the same way you did. Thanks for putting my thoughts about the book into words I never could have come up with! I loved how you got to see Nick's true strengths and character come out and how you discovered they really weren't incompatible with what you believed about him from the start.

  2. My secret Gangsta! What a wonderful review, thank you!!

  3. I too love Windows, its where we got our first taste of Miss Billy London and her characters that had us laughing, sighing and reaching for the SWEET Ice Tea because we needed to quench that thirst that Billy had ignited in us for MORE MORE MORE!
    Your review is AMAZING Shirelle, truly insightful and something I know Billy should be throwing her fist in the air about. Take a bow ladies! :)

  4. If you like Windows, Read On Caristo's watch. Tony is so sexy.

  5. Am just now starting this book, I loved the opening with Nick, the guys and Mama.