Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When the muse takes a vacation...

So when your muse takes a vacation, and the words just won't come, what do you do? I find myself in this very predicament without a clue how to dig myself out of this hole. My muse didn't leave a number, a forwarding address, a goodbye...nothing. I also can't seem to find a "muse agency" to hire a new one and no one seems to be lending them out either. So what's a frustrated writer to do?

I admit, I may have wallowed in a bit of self-pity for awhile. But then I realized...if my muse won't come to me, maybe I can do a little inspiring of my own. (Imagine my evil grin for just a moment...)

First, I think we can start with a little eye mean "inspiring pictures". You know, something to get the juices's what "inspires" me:
 Ah hunky, hot, emo, hunter-of-all-things-evil, Sam Winchester from my favorite tv show Supernatural. And if that doesn't do it...
Those eyes...just...*sigh*...I mean...THOSE EYES!! A little bit good and a whole lot of bad! Damon Salvator (vampire diaries) is one vampire who could take a bite out of me any day! I's EXACTLY what I mean!!!

Since I like to write paranormal/fantasy I think that next I should set the mood...let's go with something a little spooky:
That should do it.
Now a little inspiration from some kick-ass heroines...

 Since I'm a Lord of the Rings geek...I mean fan...I have to include Eowyn. "I am no man". Wow. It gives me chills every time I see it.
And let's not forget...
Let's face it...who didn't want to be Catwoman?

Next a little hero hunkiness...
I don't know about you, but Wolverine is my all time favorite, misunderstood hero!

A dash of scary...
And just a little bit of humor...
And I think we may have just about covered everything I need to write my paranormal romance!!!!!
I think I may be inspired, how 'bout you?


  1. lol i am inspired to get some coffee and snuggle down and wait for you to give me hotness to read

  2. Inspired...I think I am drooling waiting for your next book!! Can't wait

  3. Very inspired. Waiting here with bated breath! Or is that baited? Some how I can never remember that one

  4. Oh hell yeah. Your muse is just on a short vacation, but they should have sent someone in their place to pick up the slack, you know? Gotta talk to that muse. Oh and what about when they leave you hanging, then return with a vengeance, whispering in your ear until you feel as though you're about to explode?? Yeah, they can be bossy too.

  5. Yes, sometimes the muses go do their own thing, very true. When this happens it does help to seek out other hotness to inspire you ;) Can't wait to read what happens when your new inspiration takes effect!