Monday, June 13, 2011

Vacation chaos...

Sooooo...I'm driving cross country, from Michigan to Cali, so I can visit my family. I know it would be alot faster to fly, but my intense fear of flying requires me to drive and my husband is awesome enough to put up with it.

We stop in Vegas, four hours from our final destination, to refuel and I check my emails on my phone. Right there, in the drive thru for McDonald's, I'm checking my emails...big mistake.

There it is, the email I've been waiting for. Just a harmless little email from Beautiful Trouble Publishing and all it says in the subject line is "congrats."

I open it and read it.

...and immediately start crying.

I can't even talk. My husband and daughter have no idea if these are happy tears or sad tears. Did someone die? Did I get a promotion? They just don't know...

Of course it was none of the above but I can't stop sobbing to tell them. Finally, my husband guesses.
"Did they release your book?" All I can do is nod.
My husband's not good with tears but he did the best he could, rubbing my shoulders and saying: "This is a good thing, it's a happy day." or something like that, I really can't say for sure. You know, tears and all that...

The worst part is that I was FOUR hours away from my momma!

FOUR hours away from the woman who would scream and do the happy dance with me!

Four hours is a long time to wait to do a happy dance! :-) it is, the book that took me a year to write. The book I thought I would never finish. The book someone believed in.

Thank you Beautiful Trouble Publishing.


  1. Congrats!! I hope you got to get your happy dance on;)

  2. So... did you do your happy dance when you arrived? Congratulations Shirelle! Can't wait for the sequel!

  3. congrats honey I can't wait to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!